Tumblr Cursors

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How do you add cursors on tumblr? Easy. Follow these simple instructions...
  1. Click on any of the cursor icons you see on this page
  2. Click on the "tumblr tab" on the following page
  3. Follow the instructions
April’s Favorite Cursor Of The Month

Cute Bow Tie Hearts Blinking Blue and Pink Pointer

This month’s favorite cursor is a really cute pink and blue animated bow tie cursor.

Sexy Lips and Cute Heart Cursors

Just finished doing 12 really cute cursors of some sexy lips and spinning hearts!

Sexy Grey LipsSexy Pink LipsSexy Purple LipsSexy Blue LipsSexy Orange LipsSexy Red LipsGrey Spinning Heart Within A HeartPink Spinning Heart Within A HeartPurple Spinning Heart Within A HeartBaby Blue Spinning Heart Within A HeartOrange Spinning Heart Within A HeartRed Spinning Heart Within A Heart

Disney’s Frozen and Snowflake Cursors

Here are some cursors from the Disney movie Frozen and some snowflake cursors.

Kristoff - Disney's FrozenElsa - Disney's FrozenAnna - Disney's FrozenOlaf the Snowman - Disney's FrozenPrince Hans - Disney's FrozenRed Spinning Frozen SnowflakeGrey Spinning Frozen SnowflakeOrange Spinning Frozen SnowflakePink Spinning Frozen SnowflakePurple Spinning Frozen SnowflakeBlue Spinning Frozen Snowflake

Rainbow Pinwheel Cursor Set

Rainbow Pinwheel Set

Check out this awesome full rainbow pinwheel cursor set. It’s a pretty groovy looking set.

Rainbow Pinwheel PointerRainbow Pinwheel - BusyRainbow Pinwheel - BackgroundRainbow Pinwheel - Link SelectRainbow Pinwheel - Alternate SelectRainbow Pinwheel - MoveRainbow Pinwheel - Diagonal Resize 2Rainbow Pinwheel - Diagonal ResizeRainbow Pinwheel - Horizontal ResizeRainbow Pinwheel - Vertical ResizeRainbow Pinwheel - UnavailableRainbow Pinwheel - HandwritingRainbow Pinwheel - Text SelectRainbow Pinwheel - Precision SelectRainbow Pinwheel - Help Select

Freaky Eye Cursors

Here are seven really freaky eye cursors. 

Freaky Red EyeFreaky Blue EyeFreaky Silver EyeFreaky Brown EyeFreaky Yellow EyeFreaky Green EyeFreaky Purple Eye

Reddit Cursor Set
Reddit Set

Here is a simple cursor set featuring the site Reddit.

RedditReddit - BusyReddit - UnavailableReddit - Link SelectReddit - Help SelectReddit - MoveReddit - Text SelectReddit - Precision SelectReddit - Horizontal ResizeReddit - Vertical ResizeReddit - HandwritingReddit - Diagonal Select 2Reddit - Diagonal Select

Dreamworks Turbo Cursors

Just added 5 cursors from the Dreamworks movie Turbo.

TurboSmoove Move - TurboBurn - TurboWhite Shadow - TurboWhiplash - Turbo

Minecraft Tool Cursors

mineJust added 25 cursors of some tools from the game Minecraft.  Will be adding more later this week, so check back. 

Minecraft - Stone SwordMinecraft - Stone ShovelMinecraft - Stone AxeMinecraft - Stone HoeMinecraft - Stone AxeMinecraft - Iron SwordMinecraft - Iron ShovelMinecraft - Iron PicaxeMinecraft - Iron HoeMinecraft - Iron AxeMinecraft - Golden HoeMinecraft - Gold SwordMinecraft - Gold ShovelMinecraft - Gold PicaxeMinecraft - Gold AxeMinecraft - Diamond AxeMinecraft - Diamond HoeMinecraft - Diamond PicaxeMinecraft - Diamond ShovelMinecraft - Diamond Sword

March 2014 Favorite Cursor Of The Month

Multicursor Set

Check out this months, March 2014, favorite cursor of the month. It’s call the Multicursor Set. And it was done by ace567-cursors.

August 2013 Favorite Cursor Of The Month

Trail Of Waving Hearts

Check out this months, August 2013, favorite cursor of the month. It’s call the Trail Of Waving Hearts. And it was done by Cursormania.